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He was never crude or vulgar with me, but he could be mean as hell. He could be cold-hearted for no reason. Whatever he would be feeling, he could snap and take it out on me. And I was so attuned to his feelings, it would hurt me terribly. I was extremely unhappy the last few months of our relationship. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know how to make him react positively to anything. I thought he didn't want me in his life anymore. But every time I would want out, he would convince me otherwise with his "undeniable" love for me. He would pull me back, and I cared for him so much it would shake my resolve. He was never there for me. Through thick and thin, I was there for him all the way. He broke my heart so badly, and I'll never even know why. After all his promises of wanting to be there for me and taking care of me, he abandoned me during the worst time of my life and never looked back. He never thought once about what he was leaving me in. It was so easy for him to turn his bac
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My dear friend
Won't you hurt me, my love?
won't you break me, my dear?
won't you cut me open
and leave me here?
I need you, my friend
won't you turn me away?
how will I hurt
if you don't turn me away?
It really hurts now
please, push me away
so that I'll miss you when I fold in grief
and wish you would stay
Where would I go, my love?
where would I run?
where will you go, my love,
when it's your turn?
I can't breathe anymore
will you whisper those sweet lies?
please, can you hear me?
I'll try to muffle the cries
I'm so sorry, my dear
won't you forgive a friend?
I'm sorry you couldn't be there
for your loving friend
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Grim Fairytale
There was once a girl with the grimmest tale
a girl who loved to no avail
she loved the one whom she called a friend
a friend who brought her to meet her end
He locked her away in a tower above
far from all she held dear and loved
only then would her pain be great
alone in her prison with herself to hate
A fool, she was, to place her life in his hands
for he was the cruelest in all the lands
he hid his own heart on the highest shelf
as he did hers, he kept for himself
He smothered her when he kissed
he knew it was only he she missed
with lips laced with poison and sin,
he would press them against her tender skin
her heart would ache when he touched and teased,
and even more so when she was released
She would dance in slippers that cut her feet
and sing till the Nightingale came down and weeped,
to please the one who caused her grief,
to see the smile that stole her sleep
Her hair was dark, as dark as doom,
now her skin was pale as snow
she finally rests on a bed red as blood
from he
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Titanium by taz-ing Titanium :icontaz-ing:taz-ing 1 0
you manipulated me
you played me
you wrecked me
you ruined me
you never loved me
you lied to me
you used me
and abused me
you hurt me
you betrayed me,
humiliated me,
destroyed me,
you never cared for me
it's like you stabbed my heart through
with a blunt knife
so, why won't you end my suffering
and take my life ?
looks like the ball is in your court
now please take the knife out
and slit my throat
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I was sober when I crashed my almost perfect life. I wasn't intoxicated. It wasn't raining. I wasn't hydro-plating. The wind shields weren't rain stricken. I wasn't distracted by thunder or lightning. The brakes weren't nicked. Then why did I crash ? There was no drunk driver driving rash. But, I crashed anyway, and now my life was lying scattered all over the highway. They told me it was most likely a hit and run. They said there was no need for concern. But, I told them no. I told them if I were wiser, this wouldn't have happened so.
There were no broken bones, no visible scars. But, how was I supposed to move on with no wheels to spur ?
No one cast a second glance; because it was a miracle I was standing. It looked like I was in good shape despite the rough landing. None looked beyond the facade. With no arising suspicion, they bought the act. Such a talent I must've procured !
They swept the drive and threw away the remnants of my misdemean. Without any evidence, everything looked
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Emo Tales
Blood! blood! blood!
draw it with a knife
draw it with a twist
draw it till you bleed dry
draw it on your wrist
Tears, tears, more tears
weep till you weep no more
weep, you are alone
weep, for you are bent and broken
weep till you turn to stone
Death, death, death
die for the ones you loved
die, for you have sinned
only in death shall you be redeemed
let Death come take you above
die now, you are dead within
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Still I wait
I think I died that day. The day you tore my world apart, the day you crushed my heart into a million pieces. The ground beneath me crumbled away, and I was falling ... I was falling. When it all stopped, I hit rock bottom. I crashed, and was sliced and pierced through on the jagged shards of reality. The darkness consumed me, and I let it. There was no reason to fight it. It was over. I just wanted it to be over. The pain seared through my whole being, and I couldn't breathe. In that moment, I knew what death was like, and I waited. I waited to be put out of my misery.
And, still I wait....
I have never felt alive again since the day we said goodbye. I think I might have died that day. I think I really died.
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Strawberry fest by taz-ing Strawberry fest :icontaz-ing:taz-ing 1 0 To feel special by taz-ing To feel special :icontaz-ing:taz-ing 1 2 Strawberry Delight by taz-ing Strawberry Delight :icontaz-ing:taz-ing 4 2
Into Your Eyes
I gaze into your eyes so deep, so deep
you show me a world almost cosmic
I feel like I've been waiting forever
I've never felt like this before
I think I'm falling; I can't let go
now that I'm here, there is no turning back
into your eyes I perish, into your soul
baby, let me show you, let me show you all the love I hold
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A vice with a price
I was not ready for my twentieth birthday.  Even less ready to celebrate it just two weeks after my father had passed away. I expected a book, a movie, the odd gift card. But, the present I received from my boyfriend was the most unusual. It wasn't a present adorned in bows, ribbons and frills. It wasn't stashed away beneath layers of crinkly paper. Nevertheless, it was no less valuable and under the circumstances, no less perfect. Never did I expect the two words –"I quit", to be the cause of my smile.
Neil shared the same vice as my father, a vice that displeased me above all else. He was a chain smoker too. My father was diagnosed with lung cancer five years ago. After undergoing extensive chemotherapy and radiation treatment, he finally lost the battle, leaving me to grieve alone in the world. Smoking became one of those things I detested on a knee-jerk reaction; and when Neil quit, it was the biggest comfort anyone had given me.
My father always promised me the same
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Of Halos and Horns
Do not be fooled by the halo
It is your crown of thorns
There is no such thing as saintlike
Only Evil disguising its devious horns
Where is your virtue ?
What more is there to pretend ?
Do you even see yourself
Through the web of lies you spin ?
This damage, how will you undo ?
For this deceit, how will you amend ?
Your spite, you deny
Your sins, you defend
Wallow in your pride
Serve none but yourself
The rest is sordid means to an end
Thriving in a world of your own devising
Conspiring in ways 'unique'
You are a pawn of your own game
The venom you incite poisons your heart
The soul is barren when it is weak,
You reap what you sow, not what you seek
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The touch that withers and fades
Aspires the Phoenix at its rebuttal
With its last tremor, it erupts in flames
To sire a new dawn on the edge of the precipice
On fragile wings and shivers of subtle
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Incubus Flight
You come alive in my dreams
You come to me
Together we fight my nightmares,
And you belong to me
Even in my dreams
I know this is untrue
I know I'll be awake,
But for now I want to be with you till I do
My nightmares are fringed with angst
The demons in pursuit, they lie
Together we shall conquer my battles
Release me from my bane,
You and I
I waited all my life for you, my savior
And now I know why
You have my heart, beloved
Without you, I shall die
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Tasnuva H

I am like water. Water does not resist. Water flows. When you plunge your hand into it, all you feel is a caress. Water is not a solid wall, it will not stop you. But water always goes where it wants to go, and nothing in the end can stand against it. Water is patient. Dripping water wears away stone. If you can't go through an obstacle, go around it. Water does.


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